We are on the way

With the new Getify app enjoyment of flavour is always on the way. When empty belly sneaks up - for gourmands, picky ones, or those who are in a rush. Your order is delivered right to your car. Without bustle and queues, freshly prepared food from a cafe or restaurant can be collected at a time that suits you, wherever you go.

Mobile app

  • diverse and delicious offers both in Riga and the surrounding area, as well as in all regions of Latvia

  • the application ensures communication between the customer and the restaurant without intermediaries

  • easy to use - navigation and selection filters make it convenient to navigate the wide range

  • find flavours from around the world in just one place

  • a restaurant road map that fits into your chosen route

  • order food or coffee and snacks, start your route, the app will calculate the arrival time and will signal the restaurant about your proximity and time of arrival

  • for restaurants - a convenient and simple way to upload the menu, which allows customers to be pampered with daily special offers.

Enjoyable, reliable
and friendly service

There is no minimum order limit, you can choose a full meal or a just snack and a coffee, not overpaying for it. There are no additional costs for food ordering service or parking. If you are fleeing the bustle of the city or on the way from work sitting in a traffic jam and feeling hungry, Getify will make your choice easier. It will simplify the ordering of a meal and make sure you receive what you desire - wherever you go.

  • On the way with everyone - from a coffee shop to a restaurant that deserves a Michelin star.

  • Nowhere is too far - the app is always with you

  • Convenient payments and special offers.