5 delicious stops outside the city limits you should definitely check out

Holidays are the right time to go with family and friends or by yourself to languish by the sea to eat a belly full of unique seafood, novel flavors, giving yourself a refreshing start to a life post Holidays.



Getify, a mobile app for ordering and taking food and drinks to go, challenges you to take a delicious trip from Riga to Kolka, stopping at these 5 food stops along the way.

  • KuKul Bakery - where the warm fragrances of baked caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, poppyseed, apple, cottage cheese, cheese buns, and coffee fill the air of Engure, even while leaving Jurmala! Your nose will know the way to the bakery and, unless there is a problem with your sense of smell, it will be impossible not to stop at this wonderful cafe. The taste of these beautiful pastries still warm from the oven will satisfy your sweet tooth guaranteed. But this stop is just the beginning of our little challenge. Let's move on!


  • Cafe Vizbuļi - everyone all over Latvia talks about Cafe Vizbuli’s “fish & chips”, which have been praised for centuries and are not only the best in Bērzciems but all of Latvia as well. It has been praised by several beloved chefs in Latvia. If you don’t believe me, then just try it for yourself! Even for those eaters who don’t prefer seafood, Vizbuli’s Fish & Chips will break the resistance with its crisp appearance and juicy inside.


  • Nearby, also in Engure parish, Bērzciems, there is a fisherman's farm Dieniņas. Here you will be able to taste excellent fish cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The choice is quite wide: baked 'sprats' Bērzciems-style”, herring 'in jelly', dried and smoked flounder, white and red mackerel, as well as other seafood caught by local fishermen.


  • Hopefully, that will be enough fish advice for now. So time for Wild'N'Free hunter dishes. All meat dishes on the menu: burgers, stuffed green peppers, meat pancakes, steaks, or roasts - are sourced from the forests of Latvia for your eating pleasure. A good choice for a meat-loving Latvian.


  • For dessert, we have saved the farm Ūši, located in Kolka along the northwest coast where the historical Liv (folks who settled there centuries ago), hence the name “Liv coast”.  Who doesn't want to taste the benefits of the Livs? "Ūši" not only offers the flavors of Livs but also lessons about the Liv’s cooking methods. Have you ever baked sklandrauši? If not, put it on your bucket list!


The destination of our small taste trip - Kolka - has been reached. The Belly is full and the heart rejoices!


If you want your trip to go smoothly, we recommend ordering a delicious meal in advance from Getify. You can save time without having to line up for pastries in Engure while enjoying fish and meat dishes on the way or on-site. You, your family, and friends can arrive to a fully prepared meal without waiting. The dinner bell is ringing!


Will you go home the same way and repeat everything in the other lane? Or you would like to try some new taste adventures?