Frequently asked questions

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  • General information

    • How do I start using Getify?

      Go to the AppStore or Google Play, find the Getify app, download it to your phone and follow the step-by-step instructions.

    • Where does the Getify app work?

      Getify now works all over Latvia. If you want to eat on the way to Ventspils, Rezekne, Daugavpils, Jelgava or Valmiera, you will definitely find a cafe or restaurant where you can order food through Getify.

      The application is soon to launch in Lithuania and Estonia.

    • Is it only car drivers that can use the app?

      Absolutely everyone can use the application: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and everyone else. When making an order, specify how you plan to get to the chosen place, and the app will calculate the time needed for the trip. The cafe or restaurant will then take care of the delivery of freshly prepared food directly into your hands, if you have chosen the drive-in option. You can also eat on the spot or take your food with you.

    • How do I make an order if I plan to walk to the restaurant?

      When ordering, specify your desired arrival time and in the “Pickup info” section, select the option “On foot or bike”, and also select the option “Picking up yourself”. When you arrive at the restaurant, just tell your name and order number to the waiter.

    • How do I pay on the Getify app?

      The app will withdraw money from your payment card after you confirm the order. You only pay for the dishes, because there is no delivery fee with Getify ‒ you pick up the order yourself.

      There are no additional fees or hidden charges on the application. If the restaurant does not confirm your order or cancels it for any reason, the money will be returned to your card. Please reach out to us at if there are problems with your payments.

    • How will the waiter recognise the customer when delivering the food?

      When placing an order, you specify the brand and registration number of your car. The restaurant receives information about your arrival and is able to see the vehicle you added and its location on the map. This allows the restaurant to make the delivery without errors.

    • If there is a traffic jam on the way, do I have to cancel my order and place a new one?

      The app calculates the time required for your trip to your chosen location. If there is a traffic jam on the way, it recalculates the time needed and sends a message to the restaurant, predicting a new time for your arrival. The order does not need to be cancelled; the restaurant will be notified of the change.

    • My plans have changed, and I am unable to come to pick up my confirmed order. Can I cancel it?

      You can cancel your order until it has been confirmed by the restaurant. After confirmation from the restaurant, it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel the order, because by this point they may already have started to cook your meal.

    • What about situations when I make an order, but another person picks it for me?

      No problem. To do this, you can add data for another car in the application settings. Another option is to specify the registration number of the car or the name of the recipient when placing an order.

    • I am a vegetarian. Is there a dedicated section for vegetarians on the app?

      When we are recruiting restaurants, we care about offering delicious meals for everyone, and that’s why the app has a large section dedicated to vegetarians, which includes both specialised vegetarian cafes and those that have a vegetarian section on their menu.

    • I am allergic to certain products. How can I make sure they won't be added to my meal?

      When placing an order, you may want to look through the ingredients and “write your requirements in the comment section, so that the cafe will be informed about any products that might cause an allergic reaction.

    • Can I tip a restaurant on the app?

      Great question! Thank you for appreciating the great service! You can tip the waiter who delivers your order or just go back to the app and praise the service in the feedback section.


  • General information

    • How do I become a Getify partner?

      Fill in the simple application form in the "Restaurants" section and our representative will contact you within a few days.

    • Are there any additional costs when signing a cooperation agreement?

      Getify’s business model is to provide an intermediary service: you only pay a commission for actual orders. Commission costs are lower than those charged by food delivery companies, and there is no additional fee from the restaurant. What’s more, we don’t have a minimum order total. 

      To make it easier for the restaurant to process orders through Getify, we provide a free phone or tablet, as well as paper bags, which a waiter can put the order in for the customer.

    • How is Getify different from other online food delivery services?

      We focus in particular on car drivers who are hungry, in a hurry, and who love good food.  We have adapted the functionality of the application especially for them: we do not have couriers, the application user picks up food at a cafe, restaurant or drive-in themselves. This makes it more convenient for customers and allows them to use the online food ordering service anywhere in Latvia.

    • We have a small team and are not IT professionals. Can we still work with Getify?

      Using the application is as easy as writing an email. The Getify app is simple and easy to use, and our customer service team will help you to upload your menu and support you throughout our cooperation.

    • Who will deliver the order to the car? A cafe employee?

      Yes. This is one of the biggest advantages of the service, ensuring not only convenience for the driver, but also confidence that the food is freshly cooked. From a restaurant or cafe directly into the hands of the client. By serving “drive-in” customers in this way, you can keep tables free for other visitors to the cafe

    • How will the waiter recognise the customer to deliver the food?

      The app will inform the cafe about the customer's arrival time, car model and number plate, and the location of the car will also be shown on the map, so that delivery can take place without any confusion.

      If there is enough space on the premises of the restaurant, we can help arrange a special car park for Getify customers ‒ this will be an area with our markings and a sign that will be clearly visible to both the client and the waiter.

    • What happens if the customer is late?

      If the customer is stuck in a traffic jam, the app will calculate the new arrival time and report it to the restaurant.

    • How can we upload our menu to the Getify app?

      This is one of Getify's advantages. We have a simple and convenient content management system that allows each restaurant to easily enter food descriptions, photos and prices into the app. However, for the convenience of our partners, we are always ready to help and do it for you. Reach out to us at, and we will make it work in the best possible way for you.

    • How do payments between Getify and restaurants work?

      The customer pays for the order using a payment card, the Getify application receives money and pays it to restaurants once a week, deducting a commission for successfully processed orders. This helps the restaurants to have available working capital. The payment may be delayed for a short time if there is a delay with the intermediaries – that is, the payment systems which Getify cooperates with.

    • What should I do if some of the dishes are no longer available?

      Removing food from the online menu is just as easy as changing working hours. For example, if you see that the cafe is busy and there is no time for new orders, you can deactivate new orders with a few clicks.